- Our paper "Meningococcal carriage within households in the African meningitis belt: A longitudinal pilot study" was published in the Journal of Infection! Congrats to Nicole on leading the effort!

- Welcome Epi MPH student Inari Mohammed to the Basta Lab as an RA!

- Nicole presented on the UMN SPH Division of Epi PhD Students' Career Panel.


- Our NIH R01 proposal "Quantifying the Breadth and Duration of Immunity Induced by Meningococcal B Vaccines" was funded through 2022!

- Our maunscript "HPV vaccination strategies targeting hard-to-reach populations: Out-of-school girls in LMICs" was published in Vaccine. Congrats to first-author and PhD student Kim Bonner!

- Nicole is teaching Pub 6390: Topics in Epidemiology - Vaccines this semester.

- Welcome Biostats PhD student Andy Becker to the Basta Lab as an RA!

- Congrats to Epi MPH student Sailee Tambe and her team for winning the UMN Global Health Case Competition! We wish you the best at the national competition at Emory in March!



- Our manuscript "Simulations for designing and interpreting intervention trials in infectious diseases" was published in BMC Medicine. Congrats to first author Betz Halloran and the whole team!

- Nicole gave a seminar on "National Trends in Parental HPV Vaccination Intentions and Reasons for Hesitancy, 2010-2015" at the Minnesota Population Center.

- Nicole traveled to Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda, to work on our HPV vaccine and Measles vaccine studies.


- Our Gates Grand Challenges grant "Improving the timeliness of infant vaccinations through network transportation providers" was awarded! Congrats to study PI Diana Negoescu!

- Nicole became a Visiting Research Collaborator at Princeton University, Department of Molecular Biology to continue conducting meningcoccal B vaccine studies with the Ploss Lab.

- Nicole became a member of the UMN Masonic Cancer Center in the Screening, Prevention, Etiology and Cancer Survivorship Section. Our research on HPV vaccine in the US and in Uganda with Makerere University opens up many opportunities for exciting new collaborations.

- Welcome Epi MPH student Funmi Arogbokun to the Basta Lab as a MPH thesis student!

- Welcome Medical Student Zineb Alfath to the Basta Lab as an RA!


- Nicole was invited to present her research on sex differences in vaccine-induced immunity at the NIH Sex as a Biological Variable (SABV) Workshop.


- Welcome Applied Econ PhD student Qingxiao Li to the Basta Lab as an RA!

- Welcome Epi MPH Advisees Charles Guenther and Sailee Tambe!

- Nicole attended the Fondation Merieux workshop "Vaccine Acceptance: Science, Policy, and Practice" in Annecy, France.

- Congrats to Kayla Hanson who has been hired as an Epidemiologist at the Marshfield Clinic.

- Congrats to Jackie Logan who has been hired as an Epidemiologist in the Immunization Program at Tennessee Department of Health!


- We conducted a study on MenB awareness at the Minnesota State Fair.

- Congrats to Erinn Sanstead on passing her Epi PhD Oral Exam!


- Epi PhD Student Bridget Griffith was awarded an NIH Fogarty International Center Global Health Fellowship and will spend the year in Kampala, Uganda. Congrats, Bridget!

- Epi PhD Student Kim Bonner is spending the summer working in Uganda on orur HPV studies.


- Welcome recent MPH grads Kayla Hanson and Jackie Logan who have joined the Basta Lab as RAs.

- Welcome to Biostats PhD Students Brandon Koch who has joined the Basta Lab as an RA.

- Welcome undergraduate student Katie Gravagna to the Basta Lab as an RA!

- Nicole led a workshop on "Principles of Epidemiological Methods and Data Management for International Research" at UMN.


- Congratulations to Epi MPH student Kayla Hanson on graduating!

- Congratulations to Epi MPH student Jackie Logan on graduating!

- Congratulations to Epi MPH student Charlotte Graham on graduating!

- Nicole guest lectured in Fareed Awan's Medical Ethics class on "The Ethical Implications of Vaccination"


- Nicole guest lectured in Noreen Goldman's Epidemiology class on Influenza at Princeton University.


- Epi PhD Student Bridget presented her research in the poster session at the CUGH Conference.


- Nicole began a new collaboration with Stephen Taylor, Andrew Gorringe, and Holly Humphries at Porton Down to investigate MenB vaccine immune responses.


- Congratulations to Maria Sundaram on passing her PhD Oral Exam!

- Congratulations to Bridget Griffith on receiving the UMN SPH Alumni Association International Scholarship!

- Congratuations to Bridget Griffith on being accepted into the Uganda Research Training Collaborative program. Nicole is looking forward to co-mentoring Team 3 on their research experience.

- Nicole launched her new course PubH 6390: Topics in Epidemiology: Vaccines.



- Maria was awarded the prestigious Frieda Martha Kunze Fellowship from the UMN Graduate School to support the final year of her dissertation research. Congrats, Maria!

- Welcome MPH student Kayla Hanson to the group! Kayla will be working on HPV vaccine hessitancy for her thesis.

- Our MenAfriCar Consortium manuscript Household transmission of Neisseria meningitidis in the African meningitis belt: a longitudinal cohort study was published in Lancet ID!

- Bridget's abstract was accepted for a poster presentation at the Consortium of Universities for Global Health Annual Conference to be held in April 2017.

- Bridget is traveling back to Kampala, Uganda to continue data collection at Mulago National Referral Hospital for her study of pregnant women and emergency care.

- Nicole gave a guest lecture in Fareed Awan's Medical Ethics Course at UMN.


- Nicole and co-author Hannah Christensen published a commentary about the new MenB vaccine in the Lancet - 4CMenB Vaccine: reasons for optimism.

- Kim presented at the Travel and Tropical Medicine Seminar hosted by the UMN School of Medicine.

- Bridget won the "Outstanding Poster Award" at the UMN Global Health Day for her work on emergencies during pregnancy in Uganda. Congrats, Bridget!

- Maria presented a poster at the UMN Global Health Day on her work on breastfeeding delay in Bangladesh.

- Our Makerere University collaborator Cecily Banura gave the keynote speech at the UMN Center for Global Health and Social Responsibility Global Health Day event. Nicole spoke on the panel discussion alongside Cecily and Susan Craddock.  Watch the video here.

- Nicole presented to the UMN Epidemiology Post-Docs group about careers in Epidemiology.

- Bridget was awarded the Hawley Research Award from the UMN Division of Epidemiology and Community Health to expand her research on emergency care during pregnancy in Uganda.


- Dawn, Nicole and Cecily Banura from Markerere University traveled to Oyam, Uganda, to plan for our upcoming HPV vaccine study.

- Maria was awarded an Interest Group Grant for the UMN School of Public Health Student Infectious Disease Journal Club from the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA). Congrats, Maria!

- Maria presented a poster on measuring the cost-effectiveness of different influenza vaccines according to major circulating strains at the Society for Medical Decision Making in Vancouver, Canada.

- Our reply to two letters commenting on our MenB vaccine study was published in the New England Journal of Medicine.


- Nicole and co-PIs Hee Lee and Cecily Banura along with co-investigators Shalini Kulasingam, Ruby Nguyen, and Fareed Awan were awarded a UMN Grand Challenges Exploratory Research Grant to expand their work on HPV vaccine and develop educational initiatives to internationalize the UMN curriculum.

- Nicole presented her work on MenAfriVac vaccine at the International Pathogenic Neisseria Conference in Manchester, UK.

- Maria was awarded the UMN SPH Alumni Scholarship. Congrats, Maria!

- Nicole joined the Reminders 4 Readiness UMN Grand Challenges Team.


- Welcome, Kim Bonner, new Epidemiology PhD Student and RA!

- Congrats PhD student Kim Bonner on receiving a UMN SPH Dean’s Scholars Award!

- Join us at the MN State Fair Driven to Discover Research Tent to participate in our study "What have you HEARD about the HERD?"

- Nicole and Maria participated in a workshop on Simulating Intervention Trials in Infectious Diseases co-hosted by Betz Halloran and Marc Lipsitch at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, WA.

- Dawn received an international travel grant from the UMN Global Programs and Strategy Alliance to travel to Uganda for our HPV study.

- Bridget spent July and August in Kampala, Uganda, to conduct primary data collection for her study of emergency care among pregnant women.


- Our manuscript "Immunogenicity of a Meningococcal B Vaccine during a University Outbreak" was published in The New England Journal of Medicine! See the accompanying editorial "A Challenge in Vaccine Development — Neisseria meningitidis Serogroup B."


- Our manuscript "Seasonal dynamics of bacterial meningitis: a time-series analysis" was published in The Lancet Global Health. Congrats to co-lead authors Juliette Parieau and Angelica Chen! See the accompanying commentary "Insights into seasonal dynamics of bacterial meningitis" by Mustapha Mustapha and Lee Harrison.

- Nicole and Fareed Awan from the UMN Department of Philosophy taught "Private Choices and Public Goods: The Ethics and Epidemiology of Vaccines" in the UMN Public Health Institute.

- Maria guest lectured on the topic of public health law in our Ethics and Epidemiology of Vaccines course.


- Nicole and co-investigators Shalini Kulasingam and Hee Yee at UMN and Cecily Banura at Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda, were awarded an AHC Uganda Seed Grant to conduct research on HPV vaccines.

- Congrats to lead author Maria Sundaram! Our manuscript "HPV vaccine uptake among overweight and obese US adolescents: an analysis of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) 2009-2014" was published in Vaccine.

- Nicole and Fareed Awan were invited to lead a discussion on ethics in international research with the UMN School of Medicine Global Pediatrics Group.

- Bridget gave a guest lecture titled “Humans, Insects, and Disease” in Alan Lifson's PUBH 6385: Epidemiology and Control of Infectious Diseases course.


- Our Viewpoint "Use of serological surveys to generate key insights into the changing global landscape of infectious disease" was published in The Lancet. Congrats to lead author Jess Metcalf!

- Congrats to PhD student Maria Sundaram on receiving the UMN SPH Alumni Scholarship!

- Congrats to MPH student Jackie Logan on receiving a UMN EpiCH Hawley Award for her thesis research!

- Congrats to PhD student Bridget Griffith on receiving the UMN Graduate School Summer research internship award to fund her research in Uganda, with a partnership with the African Federation for Emergency Medicine.

- Nicole gave a guest lecture in Noreen Goldman's Epidemiology Course at Princeton University.

- Bridget  a poster at the International Conference on Emergency Medicine in Cape Town, South Africa.


- Nicole participated in a panel discussion about pursuring an academic career for the UMN Graduate Training Program in Obesity and CVD.

- Congrats to Bridget for being awarded the Hawley Research Award from the Division of Epidemiology and Community Health for her proposal titled “Characterization of emergency care-seeking patterns for non-traumatic conditions in pregnant women in the East African setting, a pilot study.” In addition, Bridget received the Martin-Luepker Travel Award to help fund travel to Kampala, Uganda, to conduct primary data collection for this study.


- Welcome to Zach Laughlin Undergraduate RA!

- Nicole and co-investigator Fareed Awan, UMN Department of Philosophy, were awarded a UMN Driven to Discover Grant to conduct their study "What have you HEARD about the HERD?" at the Minnesota State Fair.

- The UMN SPH featured Nicole's research "Basta studies importance of vaccines on local and global scale"

- Maria co-authored a meta-analysis on influenza vaccine effectiveness by influenza subtype with colleagues at CIDRAP and Marshfield Clinic in Lancet ID. Congrats, Maria!


- Welcome to Dawn Nederhoff new Basta Lab Study Coordinator!



- Nicole gave a guest lecture in Zobeida Bonilla's Maternal and Child Health Course at UMN.

- Nicole gave a guest lecture in Rachel Widome's Fundamentals of Epidemiology Course at UMN.

- Nicole gave the Division seminar in the UMN Division of Environmental Health Sciences.

- Nicole was an invited speaker at the 10th Annual Meningitis Research Foundation Conference, London, England.


- Nicole gave a guest lecture in Dan Rubenstein's Ecology and Evolution Course's Medical Design Lab at Princeton University.

- Nicole gave a talk at the 64th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene in Philadelphia.


- Welcome Bridget Griffith, new Epi PhD Student and RA!

- Welcome Yangqing Deng, new Biostats Grad Student RA!

- Nicole hosted an NIH RAPIDD Workshop at UMN "Integration mathematical models into the design, analysis and interpretation of clinical trials" in collaboration with Alex Perkins.

- Nicole gave a talk at the 13th Congress of the European Meningococcal Disease Society (EMGM), Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


- Nicole was invited to attend the Clinic on the Meaningful Modeling of Epidemiologic Data at the African Institute of Mathematics, Muizenberg, South Africa


- Nicole presented her research for the US Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) Meningococcal Vaccine Work Group.


- Nicole was invited to give a talk at The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Division of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, Rockville, Maryland.

- Nicole gave a talk at the UMN Epidemiology Clinical Research Center Seminar.

- Nicole gave a talk at Princeton University's Center for Health and Wellbeing in The Woodrow Wilson School.

- Nicole attended an NIH RAPIDD Workshop on Targeted Control of Infectious Diseases at the University of Notre Dame.


- Nicole gave the Division seminar in the UMN Division of Epidemiology and Community Health.


- Nicole joined the Division of Epidemiology and Community Health at the University of Minnesota as an Assistant Professor.

- Welcome, Maria Sundaram, new Environmental Health Sciences PhD Student and RA!